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How is Gupshup’s WhatsApp Customer Support Tool different from WhatsApp Business App?

Business leaders always need to keep an eye on new technologies to stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive edge. When it comes to streamlining communications, and especially customer communications, few would argue against the popularity of WhatsApp. Almost everyone is already familiar with WhatsApp Messenger (the standard version). WhatsApp Business app certainly adds a few more features that make it an even better choice for organizations to use. 

Although there is a lot to like with WhatsApp Business app, it’s still not perfect. Custom solutions like Gupshup’s Customer Support Solution are built over WhatsApp Business API and is a plug and play solution. It can help you streamline your communications even further, gain a competitive advantage, and gain benefits beyond what WhatsApp Business can offer.

Here are some of the key differences between the two business communication solutions to help you make the right choice for what you need.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business key features include:

  • It’s best suited for small businesses with few customers
  • No consent from the end-user is required
  • Send broadcast for upto 256 users at a time, including scheduled automated replies
  • Create a business profile and description
  • No charges

Gupshup’s WhatsApp Customer Support Tool

Gupshup has been one of the earliest partners of WhatsApp since 2018 and over these years it has gathered a clear understanding of WhatsApp’s compliance requirements. Applying this knowledge along with the WhatsApp access, Gupshup has built this Customer Support Solution for medium and large enterprises who have a large customer base and face a lot of customer support queries daily. This is what the solution offers –

  • Capability for automation and scalability for larger businesses with more customers
  • No messaging limit
  • Multiple agents, Single business profile and number
  • Advanced statistics and analytics
  • WhatsApp-like mobile and web dashboard for agents
  • Free credits to try the tool
  • Create WhatsApp Business account (WaBa) in simple steps
  • Technical support and detailed help documentation

In short, Gupshup’s Customer Support Solution is better suited for medium and large businesses with a more substantial customer base. Get started

And if you have a developer in your org, try our Access API solution. Know more


WhatsApp for Business App vs WhatsApp for Business API(WABA)


By Adwit Sharma

Manager- Presales and New Solutions

Dec 30, 2019

WhatsApp as a platform has become a critical and inseparable part of our online lives.
Our constant need for faster, engaging and secure communication that is agnostic to distance between the communicating parties has pushed messaging services to the top of our Smartphone augmented lives.
WhatsApp is at the forefront of this revolution and not undeservedly so. WhatsApp has approached communication to be clutter-free, personal and easy to use. The ease of use has enabled that my 5-year-old nephew to send me voice notes and pictures of the stars he gets on his homework.
He still cannot read or write however is able to regularly broadcast his feelings to everyone he loves without ever sitting down to learn how to use this platform.
There are no advertisements, no constant inflow of ‘publisher content’ and the feeling of individual space (that was missing on Social Media).

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Whatsapp for business accounts: What it means for enterprises

Rilind Elezaj

Guest contributor

May 8th, 2019

There is a new kid in the tech world: WhatsApp Business. This android mobile app allows small business enterprises to create business WhatsApp profiles that they can use to communicate with their employees and clients. It even has automated business greetings and replies for quick communications. The profile can include email and physical addresses, business description, website URL, and other pertinent business details.

Case study: The facts

WhatsApp for Business is available not only in the Play Store but also on the web. That will make it easier for businesses to manage their profiles and to pursue varied business leads. From the web, business owners will be able to track their progress through the analytics data this app provides. It is expected that this new trend will hit the ground running immediately it is rolled out across the world. Continue Reading