Conversational interface design  – the new UX frontier



By Beerud Sheth

Founder & CEO |

March 22, 2016

With the rise of messaging platforms, like Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Slack, we are seeing an increasing number of chat bots that communicate with users by sending and receiving messages for all sorts of uses. With chat bots, the conversation is the interface. Because bot developers must focus on designing what is now the conversational interface.

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Chat­ Based Commerce – Retail’s Next Phase

By Beerud Sheth, Founder & CEO | Gupshup

During Facebook’s recent quarterly earnings call with investors, founder Mark Zuckerberg said the social media giant would begin expanding Facebook Messenger to more businesses after testing with companies such as Uber and Everlane. This type of commerce, sometimes referred to as c­commerce, (for chat­based commerce), allows business to interact directly with customers through a messaging service.

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Upcoming Top Trends in Messaging

Top Trends

Upcoming Top Trends in Messaging

  1. Enterprise messaging apps

While messaging apps such as Whatsapp are incredibly popular with consumers, new apps are emerging to support enterprise requirements. Enterprise tools need to support large teams, advanced workflows, heavy collaboration etc. Enterprise messaging apps are easy to use, can be integrated with backend systems and make collaboration easier by keeping all conversations in one place. Enterprise messaging apps such as Slack, Cotap, Teamchat, etc are gaining rapid adoption in the market.

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How chat bots are becoming the new ‘app’

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Why we should forget apps and embrace the oncoming bot revolution…

Similar to the desktop app in the mid-80s, browsers and websites in the mid-90s, and mobile OS and apps in the mid-00s, messaging platforms and chat bots are promising to emerge as the next wave of new IT. The tech community widely sees the development as a once-in-a-decade paradigm shift with potential to create unlimited new possibilities.

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