Gupshup Enables Several Enterprises to Gain Early Access to WhatsApp Business

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Ravi Sundararajan


Aug 07, 2018

Gupshup integrates the enterprise messaging environment with WhatsApp, using its Smart Messaging platform to enable rich and interactive messaging for better customer engagement.

GupShup’s SMART Messaging platform handles over 4.5 Billion messages per month and offers a SINGLE API that enterprises can use to communicate with customers over WhatsApp as well as more than 30 other messaging channels including SMS, web, in-app, Twitter and Facebook Messenger to enable rich conversational messaging experiences.

As an early access solution provider for WhatsApp Business, Gupshup helps enterprises quickly deploy the WhatsApp Business implementations within a few weeks, using its full-featured out of the box deployment solution, thereby greatly reducing time to market. Gupshup’s Smart messaging platform is replete with built-in features for WhatsApp Business like

  • Opt-in and opt-out management
  • Auto-translation of transactional messaging templates
  • Unified auto-routing logic for best delivery across channels and carriers
  • Interactive two-way messaging workflows, and
  • Smart messaging dashboard.

Gupshup offers tools and services to support out-of-the-box WhatsApp Business implementation—from set-up to deployment—so enterprises can focus on optimizing business workflows for better consumer retention and engagement. Our platforms and policies are designed to strictly comply with country-specific telecom regulations and region-specific laws such as GDPR, and is ISO 27001:2013 certified with security built in at every layer: physical, network, application. Our platform has consistently handled Production peak traffic of 10000 TPS with mission-critical levels of reliability and performance SLAs and is horizontally scalable at very short notice.

Today, more than 1.5 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends and family—anytime and anywhere.  WhatsApp Business is a new way for businesses to better manage such conversations with their customers and also reach new customers who will also value the fast, convenient and private messaging experience.

In Emerging markets like India higher rates of mobile phone ownership are playing a critical role in financial inclusion. As consumer engagement migrates from branch-offices to ATM, from desktop to mobile, WhatsApp Business is the next logical destination for companies delivering phone-based financial services. As smartphones become less expensive and more accessible with features such as multi-lingual support, companies will use WhatsApp Banking to also reach younger generations, who are increasingly embracing online banking. Moreover, nine in 10 people under the age of 30 live in emerging markets.

Gupshup enabled Kotak Mahindra Bank to begin sending its “811” full-service digital account welcome kit videos to its new customers on WhatsApp, and IndusInd Bank’s “Banking On-the-Go” on WhatsApp, to send notifications for banking transactions and help customers check account balances; view mini statements and reward points on WhatsApp. Gupshup offers tools and services to support out-of-the-box WhatsApp Business implementation—from set-up to deployment—so enterprises can focus on creating new services to better engage their growing consumer base.

Gupshup is working with several enterprises across various sectors, including financial services, online commerce, entertainment, and retail industries, all of which are now enabled to receive early access to WhatsApp Business. To explore WhatsApp Business for your business with Gupshup, please contact

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