The bot boom: How chatbots can make you money

Be it an accomplished brand, a well-known business, a role model, teen idol or the world’s biggest superstar, there’s one thing they all have in common and i.e to increase and multiply profits. Initially, it took years of hard work to achieve that fame and popularity but things have gotten simpler today. Guess how they do it now? Through social media. Entities are now capable of offering more access than they did earlier to their fans. This is nothing but a mode of marketing a product using their name and popularity. With social media being one of the most widely used outlets today, everyone from popular shoe brands to celebrities with massive fan following has all hopped in. Simultaneously, each of these separate trendsetters has also realized that there’s only one method that can lead to an increased customer engagement on all social media platforms and that is a messenger bot.

Personalized Experience on Social Media via Facebook Bot

How much time do you generally spend on social networking sites? For the sake of this blog, we let’s assume an enormous amount of time.  Believe it or not, we’re all taken away by social media. Knowing that it is indeed the best place to interact with audiences on a personal front, businesses have taken on the next step by creating Facebook bots. These days, brands need to personally engage with their users rather a utilizing it as an entryway to their website in the form of links. And, the best way to do so is by creating a bot that will not just furnish customers with the information they need but also present the content or information they want to advertise in a space where the customer is always active. In short, you should create Facebook bot to give users a personalized experience via social media platforms.

The Secret Ingredient for Facebook Bots “Natural Language Processing”

The heart of every recipe lies in that one secret ingredient, this makes it special. Similarly, in the case of chatbots, it is its strong“natural language processing” Facet that makes it stand out.

People often chat using an SMS or informal language to communicate over social media sites. So why create a chatbot that is not able to interpret what is being asked? This is where Natural Language Processing comes in.

Take a look at the sentences below:

“Can I check my order history?”

“Can I order by check?”

Although they look pretty similar, you will soon realize that they mean two different things. If your bot only had to rely on keywords it would never be able to differentiate between the two. But, having a strong NLP can help the bot interpret that the first question is to get an update on an order placed previously whereas the second question is regarding the payment method.


When you give your users the information they need and you are always available to answer their queries in the form of bots, they’ll be more loyal towards your brand and if they stick around, it is obvious that you will earn more.

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