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Twitter opens Direct Messages for Automated Experiences



By Sohan Maheshwar

Lead Developer Relations |

May 24, 2017

Earlier this month, Twitter opened up access to Direct Message (DM) APIs to enable brands and businesses to engage with their audience with rich and engaging experiences. These interactions will be powered by chatbots and can be used for customer service, marketing, subscriptions and other engagement programs.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world with over 300M monthly active users. It is also a platform that brands across the world use to solve customer queries, push out content and give real-time updates. Thus it’s no surprise that Twitter is now leveraging the power of bots Continue Reading


Five tips for designing a good voice bot



By Shreyans Parshwakirti

Developer evangelist |

May 17, 2017


With lots of development in the bot ecosystem since 2016 , 2017 is considered to be the year of voice assistants(bots). CES 2017 was all about voice assistants.

Few big players in the voice bot landscape are:

  • Google – Google Assistant
  • Amazon – Amazon Alexa
  • Microsoft – Cortana
  • Apple – Siri

Almost all of them have opened their platform for developers to develop voice bots. Check out this blog which talks about developing a voice bot on Google home Continue Reading


Omni-channel Messaging APIs are changing the way businesses communicate

Omni-channel Messaging introductory pic


By Renisha Rowe

Head – Product Marketing, Management & Strategy |

May 2, 2017

Mobile has emerged as the leading channel that customers use to engage with businesses. The trend observed among customers using mobiles is that they exhibit an Omni-channel Messaging behaviour which means, being connected to multiple messaging media like SMS, email, voice and apps like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. They also expect personalised content across channels for an enhanced experience. These changing trends make it is essential for businesses to go where the customers are and grab their attention. Continue Reading