Change is the only constant



Abhishek Munian

Product Marketing | gupshup.io

Oct 17, 2016

Every once in a while we stumble upon solutions that enhance user accessibility. Keeping the trend alive, over the past few weeks we introduced a multitude of changes, tweaks and enhancements to our portal. Listed below are a few highlights.  Login right away to find out more.

A brand new publish tab 

  • Now you can publish your chatbots on Teamchat
  • We have revised processes to publish bots on Cisco Spark. Check out our guides to get started
  • You can now enable interactive messages(beta) and add your custom page after bot installation on Slack

More channels

The Gupshup proxy bot can now be invoked in many more exciting messaging channels. The bot is now live on Cisco Spark, Skype and Teamchat

Facebook credentials accepted

Do you have a profile on Facebook? If so, you can now login to our website using your Facebook credentials. Procrastination does not stand a chance!

Dashboard revamp

Take a look at our newly configured ‘My bots’ section. Our latest updates allow users to delete dummy bots and retrieve stats and data for their bots.
That’s all for now! We shall release more updates in the future. Until then happy coding!

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