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Introducing the Template Bot Builder


By Shreyans Parshwakirti

Developer evangelist |

Aug 31, 2016

Bots are on a steep rise. Bots provides an option to the users to use their messaging app on the mobile device to interact with a brand or business. Hence, every brand or business no matter how big or small is trying to use bots to increase their reach and engage with their customers. We are already witnessing bots being created in various fields of businesses like travel, customer support, accounting, e-commerce etc.

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Building Bots Using Webhooks

Learn how to build your own bot using Cisco Spark Webhooks. This tutorial will take you from start to finish to get your bot up and running.

It is really fascinating to see how chat bots can automate contextual conversational interactions. According to Casey Newton from The Verge “Bots are here, they’re learning – and in 2016, they might eat the web”, which seems to be very realistic because there are thousands of bots out there and more are being developed that increase productivity, simplify the user experience, or are just for plain entertainment. Continue Reading


Using Chatbots in Customer Service



By Sohan Maheshwar

Lead Developer Relations |

Aug 09, 2016

This cartoon may seem familiar if you’ve ever had to call up a customer service number. Trying to speak to a customer service executive and then getting an answer to your query is largely an exercise in increasing stress levels. Usually one ends up pressing a series of buttons only to be put on hold indefinitely while being subjected to piped music.

This experience is less than ideal of course and often leaves customers frustrated. Companies are aware of this but have stuck with this system for years, thanks to a lack of a better alternative. Continue Reading


Gupshup hosts a series of meetups all over India

Techies the world over, including India, seem enamored with Chatbots.

Bots are essentially the latest re-incarnations of apps and websites. Everything you did previously using websites and apps, you will now be able to do through bots, with the added capability of doing it right within your favorite messaging app.

Why do bots matter, you wonder? If bots do the same things as websites and apps, is it really that different? Why would users switch from using websites and apps to bots? Continue Reading